High-Fat Diet Linked to Poor Sleep

WebMD Health News is reporting that Brazilian researchers have found that the more fat you consume each day, the less likely you are to get a good night’s sleep.

Having a fat-laden cheeseburger and fries for dinner may be particularly disruptive to your sleep pattern, the small study suggests.

My Take?

Studies in the sleep lab have shown that the more saturated fat you have in your diet, the more times you will wake up, tossing and turning, throughout the night. Worse yet, the greater the chance of abnormal breathing while sleeping.

Also, the more saturated fat you have in your diet, the less time you will spend in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep each night. REM sleep is the sleep state during which dreaming occurs. Research has shown that the more REM sleep you get, the more energetic you will feel the next day.

Although this is only a preliminary study, it gives all another reason to avoid as much “bad” fat in our diet as we can.


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