Heart group urges “hands-only” CPR in emergencies

For CPR – kiss “mouth-to-mouth” goodbye

The American Heart Association is now recommending what it calls “Hands Only” CPR (chest compressions alone with NO mouth-to-mouth resuscitation).

According to a new scientific statement from the American Heart Association, bystanders who witness a person collapse should immediately call 9-1-1 and then, if the person is not breathing, begin hands-only CPR.

The AHA recommends that the rescuer “push hard and fast in the middle of the victim’s chest without stopping until emergency medical responders arrive. “

The statement goes on to say bystander CPR can double or triple a victim’s chances of surviving.

This new statement changes a previous AHA’s statement, where the AHA had recommended on hands only CPR only for people unable or unwilling to do the mouth breaths. However, the AHA still recommends full CPR (chest compressions and mouth breaths) for pediatric resuscitation and for adults, if you are trained on how to do it.

Heart group urges “hands-only” CPR in emergencies

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