Food prepared away from home harmful to children

The Time “Healthland” blog reported, “In the first study to examine the relationship between where food is prepared and increased calorie consumption, researchers report that eating commercially made food can lead children to take in more calories than if they had eaten similar meals at home.”

In other words, foods prepared AWAY from home, including

  • fast food eaten at home and
  • store-prepared food eaten away from home,

are BOTH fueling the childhood obesity epidemia.

In addition, the study, appearing in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, which examined “the eating habits of 29, 217 children aged two to 18 between 1977 and 2006,” found that “fast food meals accounted for the largest percentage of foods prepared away from home for all ages and even surpassed meals from the school cafeteria in terms of calories consumed.

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