Fit over 50 Update — Purpose in Life

Older adults who feel their lives have purpose live longer

In my and Phil Bishop’s book, Fit over 50: Make Simple Choices Today for a Healthier, Happier You, we write …

By seeing yourself as your Creator sees you and learning to incorporate His plan and design into how you live and what you do, you will become empowered to live out God’s purpose for your life. We believe that your Creator has designed you for a specific purpose—and being true to that purpose will result in genuine and lasting joy and satisfaction. Research has shown that only about 25 percent of Americans have a clear sense of purpose—and having purpose is linked to better sleep quality, reduced all-cause mortality and cardiovascular events such as fewer strokes and heart attacks, improved cognitive function and reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, and a lower risk premature death.

Larimore and Bishop. Fit over 50. Page 70.

Reuters reported a newer study backing up what we say. The researchers concluded that older adults “who feel their life has purpose are less likely to die from heart, circulatory, and digestive diseases and more likely to live longer.”

The study followed “nearly 7,000 people over age 50 for more than a decade” and reported that people who ranked their purpose in life lower than those who felt they have a greater purpose “were 2.43 times more likely to have died by the end of the study.”

The findings appear in the journal JAMA Network Open.

You can order your copy of “Fit over 50” here to learn more about living with purpose.

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