FDA Cracks Down On Unproved Cancer Cures

The AP is reporting that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is cracking down on teas, supplements, creams, and other products that falsely claim to cure, treat, or prevent cancer, even though they are not agency-approved drugs. All are available for sale on the Internet. 

The agency has sent 25 warning letters to companies and individuals marketing these products, FDA officials said Tuesday. Twenty-three of the letters went to domestic companies and two to foreign individuals.

My Take?


As I discuss in my book, Alternative Medicine: The Christian Handbook, this type of false advertising is extremely dangerous simply because they may prevent people from seeking proper treatment for cancer. 

In addition, these unregulated substances have the potential of harm cancer patient by interacting with other drugs, herbs, vitamins, supplements, or treatments the patient may be taking. 

I agree with the assertion that “Health fraud has been around for years, and it is a cruel form of greed.” David Elder, director of the agency’s enforcement office, continues, “Fraud involving cancer treatments can be especially heartless.”


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