Faith and Health

I received an email from a guy whose friends are debating if faith really impacts our health. Well, if he has faith in my answer, i think he’ll be encouraged.

First, let me be clear — strong faith, enough prayer, or the right faith doesn’t guarantee good physical health or healing. We know god doesn’t always answer “yes.”

However, there is overwhelming evidence that shows religious commitment plays a positive role in preventing illness, helping people cope when they are sick, and speeding up recovery. Plus, a strong faith is linked to lower stress levels and overall well being.

The general health benefits of faith are real—and deeper faith means greater benefits. Maybe that’s one reason god is called the “great physician.”

Read more about the faith-health connection in an article I wrote for Significant Living.


BTW, you can listen to the podcast of this news story here.

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2 Responses to Faith and Health

  1. Moe says:

    This is so true! I had colon surgery in Jan of this year, did really well, but then suffered a leak and infection afterwards. I am a young mother and my surgeon was so shocked by how I acted while in the hospital for a total of 13 days. He commented to me on 2 different office visits on how I handled myself and my emotions. I wrote him a letter sharing my testimony and tell him that he was seeing Christ in my life. I explained how on the days I became very ill and could not so much as lift my arm up, I did not fear death, because of my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I knew HE was in control. Though I was too weak to speak, I could piece together enough thoughts to pray while I laid there all those days.
    Love your blog!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story, Moe. May our Lord continue to bear much fruit in and through you.

    Dr. Walt

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