Experts disagree on benefits of blue-light sleeping aids

In the Wall Street Journal “Aches & Claims” column, Laura Johannes shines the nightlight on the torrent of new products designed to help consumers fall asleep.

She says the sleep-aid products that seem to be gaining a lot of attention lately are those that consolidate blue light.

Johannes profiles several blue-light products on the market, and then goes on to say that expert opinions on the benefits of the concept differ widely.

Companies and some sleep disorder experts say blue light induces a relaxing atmosphere. In contrast, others contend that blue light sparks the body’s internal clock into action.

The Journal quotes sleep specialist Dr. Meir Kryger of Yale University as saying, “Exposure to blue light at night will have the possibility of actually keeping you awake.”

Meanwhile, other specialists say the blue-light devices are harmless, and could help those who believe they’re helping.

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