Don’t let the holiday turkey make your family or friends sick

A case of food poisoning can ruin anyone’s holidays. So take care with your turkey to reduce your risk of food-borne illness. The American Dietetic Association offers these suggestions for buying and cooking turkey:

  • When buying the bird, make sure its packaging is well-sealed.
  • Make the turkey the last item added to your grocery cart, and bag it separately from other groceries.
  • Freeze the whole, uncooked turkey in its original wrapping.
  • Never thaw your turkey on the counter. Instead, (1) defrost it in the microwave, (2) let it defrost slowly in the fridge, or (3) let it defrost in cold water.
  • Wash hands carefully before and after handling the turkey.
  • Use a meat thermometer, making sure the cooked turkey reaches at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Measure the temperature at the innermost portion of the turkey thigh.
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