Does raspberry keytone work for weight loss?

My most viewed blog for 2012 was on raspberry ketone for weight loss. You’ve been asking for an update, so here it is. 

I suspect people heard about it on Dr. Oz’s TV show. He calls it a “miracle fat-burner in a bottle.” Ah, that it were so!

Once Dr. Oz claimed that taking 100 mg at breakfast helps burn fat … raspberry keytone began flying off the shelves. This is just the newest of the “take something extra and the weight drops off” fantasies.

Well, to avoid putting you between my opinion and Oz’s opinion, let me share a report from the pharmacology and natural medicine experts at the Prescriber’s Letter:

Raspberry ketone gives raspberries their smell. It’s used as a flavoring and fragrance agent for food and cosmetics. Now it’s purported to help weight loss by increasing lipid metabolism. But this comes from lab animals … NOT humans.

Safety is also a question. It’s safe when used in small amounts in foods … but the higher doses in supplements have NOT been tested in humans. Furthermore, raspberry ketone’s structure is similar to the stimulant synephrine. In fact, we’re already getting reports of palpitations and reduced warfarin (blood thinner) effects in patients taking raspberry ketone products.

Even though advocates call it “natural,” explain that raspberry ketone is usually made in a lab … not from real raspberries.

The Prescribers’ Letter tells healthcare professionals “to steer clear of raspberry keytone.”

So, until there’s data showing safety and efficacy, I’m going with the experts at Prescriber’s Letter and not Dr. Oz.

For now, it appears that the only thing that’s going to get skinny if you purchase raspberry keytone is your wallet.

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