Daily aspirin to prevent heart disease increases risk of GI or cerebral bleeding

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) raised a red flag, saying the risk of bleeding even from low dose aspirin everyday is greater than previously thought.

HealthDay reports, “The study included more than 186,000 people aged 30 or older being treated with low-dose aspirin and more than 186,000 who were not. During six years, more than 6,900 first episodes of major bleeding requiring hospitalization were documented, including nearly 4,500 episodes of gastrointestinal bleeding and nearly 2,500 episodes of brain hemorrhage.”

MedPage Today reports that the researchers found that “daily prescribed aspirin was associated with a 55% relative increase in the risk of major bleeding – an excess of two bleeding cases per 1,000 patients treated each year.”

HeartWire reports, “This bleeding rate is roughly equal to the number of major cardiovascular events avoided in primary prevention for patients with a 10-year risk in the range of 10% to 20%, report the researchers.”

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