Could African Mango Help With Weight Loss?

Irvingia gabonensis is becoming a popular natural ingredient for weight loss. It is now showing up in several weight loss products such as Integra Lean Irvingia, Vitagetics Vita Lean, Dr. Sears Private Label Primal Force Primal Lean, and others. But, does it work, and is it safe?

Irvingia gabonensis, also known as “African mango” or “bush mango,” is a tree from Africa that produces a mango-like fruit. The seeds have high soluble fiber content and function as a bulk-forming laxative.

According to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (NMCD, one of my most favorite web sites for trustworthy information on herbs, vitamins, and supplements), there is some research that suggests that a seed extract from the plant reduces the accumulation of fat in fat cells called adipocytes.

Clinical research shows that taking a standardized seed extract, (IGOB131) 150 mg twice daily for 10 weeks, reduces weight by about 13 kilograms compared to 0.7 kilograms in overweight patients taking placebo.

According to the NMCD, “this is promising, but very preliminary. More evidence is needed about long-term safety and effectiveness.”

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  1. Jordan Edwards says:

    Exercise and strict dieting can do magic if you are trying to lose weight. I did a lot of cardio just to lose weight.

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