Cholesterol Testing Not Enough for Some

This story is important for readers that plan to have their cholesterol level checked this year.

Not only should you get an entire lipid profile (which should include [1] TC [total cholesterol], [2] HDL [what I call “healthy” cholesterol], [3] LDL [what I call “lethal” cholesterol,” and [4] TG [triglyceride]), but also, an additional and fairly inexpensive lab test, called the ApoB.

I’ve been doing this test for my patients for over a decade and it’s good to see recommendations supporting my practice. This story explains why you should consider requesting this test from your doctor.

Who should have a lipid profile? According to the U.S. Preventive Services Taskforce, it is strongly recommended “that clinicians routinely screen (1) men aged 35 years and older, and (2) women aged 45 years and older for lipid disorders. In addition, those who are at increased risk of coronary heart disease should be screened.

Cholesterol Testing Not Enough for Some

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