Chin implantation fastest-growing cosmetic plastic surgery procedure

The Los Angeles Times “Booster Shots” blog reports, “The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported  that chin implantation – a.k.a. the ‘chinplant’ – was the fastest-growing cosmetic plastic surgery procedure in 2011.”

On its website, ABC News reports, “Numbers showed that there were 20,680 chin implants performed in 2011. That’s a 71 percent jump from the year before.”

The NPR “Shots” blog reports that “it’s still a small number, overall, compared with breast augmentation, the No. 1 procedure at 307,180.” However, “those surgeries rose only 4 percent in 2011 compared with 2010.”

The CBS News “HealthPop” blog reports, “More men and women who were 55 and over got the procedure than any age group – 8,459 people, followed by 5,075 people in their forties.”

HealthDay reports, “Among younger adults, aged 20 to 29, 2,750 underwent augmentations, representing a 68 percent increase.” Meanwhile, “among those aged 30 to 39, nearly 2,600 had the procedure, a 69 percent increase.”

WebMD reports, “Researchers say the trend appears to be fueled by a combination of increasing use of video chats, an aging baby boomer population, and competition in the workplace.”

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