Chemicals in consumer products said to pose health threat

ABC World News reported in its “Consumer Watchdog” feature, “120 chemicals in care products, cream, shampoos, used every day by women, most of them untested and a lot by men as well.”

ABC added, “This average woman applies twelve beauty products to her body every day, 120 chemicals. For men, it’s six cosmetics and 80 chemicals, and few … think much about what’s in them.”

Avila lists and describes some of the chemicals: “formaldehyde, a known carcinogen; dioxin in some shampoo; lead on your lips; parabens, possibly linked to cancer, in deodorant; even mercury, in skin-lightening creams; toluene, known to cause headaches in nail polish; and diethyl phthalate, linked to allergies, hormone disruption and dermatitis in perfume.”

Because “Europe has banned 1,200 such chemicals, and the United States, only ten … critics say cosmetic makers mix a riskier brew of the same product for domestic use.”

Avila concludes, “If you cannot pronounce it, best not to use it.”

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  1. Linda Smith says:

    Since I have had breast cancer I have noticed it is hard to find items in the store that doesn’t have one or more of these. The products that do not have them are harder to get and a lot more expensive.

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