Catholic Church: Unborn children have a soul at conception

For those of us involved in caring for women and their unborn children, we must face squarely the question, “When does an unborn child have a soul?”

This is a critical question because so many proaborts look selectively to voices from within the Catholic Church or pro-life community that have fixed a point some time after fertilization, or even after birth. What they do not do is point to the universal condemnation of abortion at EVERY stage, going all the way back to the most ancient document of apostolic teaching in the Catholic Church, The Didache (pronounced DID-a-kay), subtitled, “The Lord’s Teaching Through the Twelve Apostles to the Nations.”

For more information on these ancient doctrines, you can find excerpts from the Declaration on Procured Abortion, followed by the footnotes from the text, and then a few words of analysis here. You can also find a copy of the Declaration on Procured Abortion here.

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