Can you interpret a dream for me?

Many believe in the power and messages contained in dreams. In fact, you can click here to listen to an interesting radio interview about this topic with my friend, psychiatrist Paul Meier, MD. Anyway, another friend wrote me of a dream he had about my wife, Barb, and me. Do any of you want to venture an interpretation?Lawrence Lee, MD, is now a hospitalist physician in Tulsa, OK. When he was a resident at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency, where I serve as a Visiting Professor, we became close friends. He met his wife, Kim, there, and they now have a beautiful little girl.

Anyway, Lawrence wrote me this recently:

Hi Walt,

Last night you were in a dream I had …

You and I were chatting, and you mentioned that you had a pearlnecklace for Barb. Then Barb was somehow on a video phone with you andshe asked you where you kept that pearl necklace for her, and she asked, “In a safe?”

You answered, “Nope.”

She asked, “In a box?”

You answered, “Nope.”

“Then where?”

You smiled and said, “Right here in mysecret pocket compartment!” Then you pulled out of your pocket a nice pearl necklace.

I kind of laughed, and then I said, “I need to get me one of those!?! Let me see if I have anything in my secret pocket compartment!?”

I was just joking around, but when I reached into my pocket, I drew out a pearl necklace and a gold necklace. I stared at them indisbelief, thinking to myself that Kim isn’t really a jewelry kind of girl, but meanwhile you were laughing and said, “You had 2 necklacesin your secret pocket compartment and you didn’t even know it???

I sheepishly looked over to you and said, “I guessyou’re not going let me live this one down, huh?”

What a weird dream!?!

Is it? Or, is it not? What’s the interpretation? A pearl of great price? Hiding God’s word in the secret recesses of our heart where we can pull out its pearls when needed? I don’t know. What do you think?


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4 Responses to Can you interpret a dream for me?

  1. Martha says:

    Hi Dr. Walt,
    I think this dream is more about your friend than about you – he is looking to you as a mentor/example. He sees you giving Barb gifts from your heart – not something in some box or safe or anything external, but from your heart. Perhaps he sees you as exhorting him to be more open and giving to his wife from the riches of his heart rather than external things. And in the dream he found if he just tried he had even more riches to give her than he realized! :) I’m wondering if, since he’s not sure she would like those jewerly items – maybe he has some fear that she wouldn’t like the gifts from his heart – which of course wouldn’t be likely! :) We enjoy your emails – thanks so much for your ministry!

  2. Cool thoughts, Martha. Thanks!

  3. Helen says:

    I agree with Martha. It sounds like your friend doesn’t realize that perhaps he’s concerned about living up to his potential in some way, and you are a good friend and role model to him. When he sees his potential he is pleasantly surprised.

    I fully believe that God uses our dreams, still, to teach and validate numerous situations in our lives. God is so great at opening doors for us, even in our subconscious!

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