“Fit over 50” Endorsements — Buz McNutt & Reg Finger, MD

General Health
The endorsements for my newest book are pouring in. "Fit over 50" will be available on Tuesday, August 6. You can preorder it now, here. ORDER HERE “As a man over 65, I am working harder and harder to steward this vessel the Lord has given me. As a theologian over 65, I will always keep this book within arm’s reach. Walt Larimore and Phil Bishop have given us an invaluable guide for making happier and healthier choices that will be cherished by our family until we exchange this perishable body for a glorified one.”Buz McNutt, PhD Senior Pastor, First Baptist Boynton Boynton Beach, Florida “Fit over 50 contains an incredible array of sound health advice on a wide range of topics relevant to our everyday lives. The Scripture references…
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