Better Sleepers Are ‘Successful Agers’


HealthDay News is reporting a study showing that normal sleep is associated with healthy aging. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego assessed 2,226 women aged 60 and older and found increased severity of sleep disturbances predicted lower self-rated successful aging and a greater difference between perceived and actual age.

My Take?

In an earlier blog I noted a study showing that women with poor sleep were less likely to have happy marriages. 

This study, reporting that better sleep is related to successful aging reinforces the idea that good sleep is of utmost importance for good health. 

Poor sleep can lead to a number of problems such as depressed mood, attention and memory problems, excessive daytime sleepiness, more nighttime falls and increased use of sleep aids. Lack of sleep is also associated with increased risk of health problems such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

If you are not sleeping well, then I recommend a visit to your family physician, or a mental health or pastoral professional for evaluation and guidance.


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