Analysis: More US nursing homes receiving top government rating

USA Today, “A USA TODAY analysis of government ratings for more than 15,000 nursing homes over the last three years shows a higher percentage receiving top ratings, although more than 500 homes have remained stuck at the lowest rating during that time.”

The percentage “of nursing homes receiving one or two stars overall fell to 35% in 2011 from 40% in 2009.”

dsDuring “the same time, four- and five-star homes increased to 43% from 38% of nursing homes.” USA Today provides a table with the star ratings for the nursing homes.

USA Today reports that 564 “of the nation’s nursing homes have not budged for the past three years from a one-star federal government rating – the lowest on a five-star scale – even as most homes improved, according to” the analysis.

For example, “in Georgia, more than one in 10 nursing homes have consistently received one star in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rating,” while “Pennsylvania and Louisiana each had 8% of homes at the lowest rating.”

According to CMS, “the lowest overall rating is awarded to homes ‘much below average’ compared with others in their state.”

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