An expose on teen sex and dating: What’s really going on and how to talk about It

My dear friend, Andy Braner, is releasing his most recent and explosive book yet. An Expose on Teen Sex and Dating: What’s Really Going On and How to Talk About It is being released TODAY!

Andy is an ordained youth minister and former president of Kanakuk Colorado Kamp, the largest nondenominational Christian sports camp in the world. Currently he is the president of Camp Kivu and Ahava Ministries.

After interviewing thousands of teens, Andy finally put it all down on paper in a straight-talk approach to teen sex and dating. His book reveals some startling statistics as he explains to parents and youth pastors what the current situation is with teens and sex, how we got here, and where the current out-of-control sex-driven culture is leading us.

It’s a shocker to most parents, but today’s teens admit that sex is a natural part of dating.

Are you concerned about your teenagers and how they’re going to survive the current dating scene? According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 63 percent of teenagers are sexually active before they leave high school; 87 percent are active before they leave college. So how do we reach this generation of teens with a biblical answer to dating, sexting, and hooking up?

If you work with teenagers or are a parent of teenagers and see the devastation of out-of-control sexual promiscuity—or have no clue that any of this is going on—then you need to read this book.

Andy speaks to teens all over the nation, and through his book he will help you understand the current dating scene and the teen thought process on sex and dating. He’ll also provide you with tools and solutions for building relationships with teenagers as well as show you how to teach true intimacy, purity, redemption, and integrity in dating.

Readers will find out how to reach teens with a biblical message on dating, sexual promiscuity, purity, and redemption.

You can see a movie-type trailer for the book here.

You can read the first chapter of the book here.

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