American Medical Association Attacking Pro-Life Pharmacists on Plan B Drug

LifeNews is reporting that The American Medical Association is coming under criticism for attacking pro-life pharmacists and others who want to opt out of dispensing objectionable drugs.

The AMA Board of Trustees is considering a policy to promote legislation requiring pharmacists to fill all drugs, including the Plan B drug.

The trustees are asking the AMA membership to adopt a policy that Americans United for Life attorney Denise Burke says “supports eviscerating the freedom of conscience of pharmacists.”

My Take?

The AMA claims that freedom of conscience puts the pharmacist’s needs ahead of the patient’s. Simply put, they are wrong.

The AMA wants legislation to force pharmacists to fill all drugs — including those that violate their conscience and could cause abortions.

If they get this, look out doctors – you’re next.

I believe this is just a small part of a well-orchestrated series of attacks on the freedom of conscience of all medical professionals.

Hopefully, the physicians attending the AMA meeting will see this rouse for what it is – and solidly vote it down.

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