Altruistic donation sets in motion 60-person chain of kidney transplants

ABC World News reported the “biggest kidney donor marathon in history. It’s the incredible algebra of human kindness – one person deciding to save a life of a stranger whose family, in turn, saves the life of another stranger and on and on. All you need is the stranger who starts it.”

On its front page, the New York Times delved with great detail in a lengthy story into “the longest chain of kidney transplants ever constructed, linking 30 people who were willing to give up an organ with 30 who might have died without one.”

The Times pointed out, “What made the domino chain of 60 operations possible was the willingness of a Good Samaritan, Mr. [Rick] Ruzzamenti, to give the initial kidney, expecting nothing in return. Its momentum was then fueled by a mix of selflessness and self-interest among donors who gave a kidney to a stranger after learning they could not donate to a loved one because of incompatible blood types or antibodies. Their loved ones, in turn, were offered compatible kidneys as part of the exchange.”

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