Acupuncture may provide some relief from depression during pregnancy

The New York Times reported in “Vital Signs” that, according to a new study published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, “acupuncture may provide some relief” from depression “during pregnancy.”

In an eight-week study of “150 depressed women who were 12 to 30 weeks pregnant,” 52 of whom were randomized “to receive acupuncture specifically designed for depressive symptoms, 49 to regular acupuncture, and 49 to Swedish massage,” Stanford researchers found that nearly “two-thirds of the women who had depression-specific acupuncture experienced a reduction in at least 50 percent of their symptoms, compared with just under half of the women treated with either massage or regular acupuncture.”

This might be an option many women would be interested as there are potential risks of using systemic medications (whether prescription, OTC, herbal, or supplements) during pregnancy.

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