Analysis shows benefits of low-carb, meat-lovers’ diet

USA Today reports, “A new analysis” published in Obesity Reviews “touts the benefits of a low-carb, meat-lovers’ diet.”

The “review of 17 different studies that followed a total of 1,141 obese patients on low-carb eating plans – some were similar to the Atkins diet – found that dieters lost an average of almost 18 pounds in six months to a year.”

Researchers reported that “overall, participants had improvements in their waist circumference, blood pressure, triglycerides (blood fats), fasting blood sugar, C-reactive protein (another heart disease risk factor) as well as an increase in HDL (good) cholesterol.”

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1 Response to Analysis shows benefits of low-carb, meat-lovers’ diet

  1. Craig DeLisi says:

    I think the take home point is that it doesn’t matter how one loses weight – if you lose weight, you will be more healthy. But, as a physician, I am not interested in 6 months of weight loss. I am interested in sustained weight loss. And I have rarely (maybe never) seen patients on the very low carb diets be able to sustain them for longer than several months. And when they stop these diets, the weight nearly always returns, much like I see with weight loss medication.

    So, in my opinion, sustained healthy weight loss is primarily achieved by permanent lifestyle changes, including increasing physical activity and decreasing overall caloric intake.

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