Dad’s WWII book is a “Page Turner Award Finalist”

Long-time friends and readers know of my work over the last 15 years or so or turning my father’s WWII exploits into a published book. So many of you have been such an encouragement to me as it has been turned down by several publishers (although — bulletin, bulletin, bulletin — one publisher is now considering offering me a contract for the book).

Anyway, the great news is that the unpublished manuscript (War Horses: A World War II Hero’s Stories of Savagery, Stallions, and Saving the Lipizzaners) is a finalist for an international award: “War Horses” has been named a “Page Turner Award Finalist.”

Writing Award Finalist

Here’s more information about The Page Turner Awards:

The Page Turner Awards aims to help writers and authors to get discovered with possible literary agency representation and potentially taking a published book from page to film.

The awards were created to change writing careers with success stories from the most impressive first 10 pages submitted. The prestigious judging panel, made up of successful award-winning authors, literary agents, and publishers, is looking for vivid, cinematic writing with captivating characters and unique voices.

The Page Turner Writing Award offers writers and authors the chance to enter the first 10 pages of a completed, unpublished fiction or non-fiction manuscript, where a literary agent will read the work with a chance to get it published.

So, prayers appreciated not that “my” story would be recognized, but that “my amazing Dad” and the story of his bravery and exploits would finally see the light of day!

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6 Responses to Dad’s WWII book is a “Page Turner Award Finalist”

  1. Fern Wilcox says:

    Yes, prayers.

  2. Thanks, Fern. MUCH appreciated!


  3. Charmin Koenig says:

    This would be wonderful….the veterans endured so very much and carry so much information. It is priceless for their stories to be told! They are all heros and thank you for writing this. Believing it will be awarded!

  4. Amen. And, believing alongside you!!!


  5. Becky says:

    Praying it will win!!

  6. Thanks, Becky. Your prayers and friendship are both precious gifts.


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