Thursday Memo — Snowflake Babies

In about 2001, while serving as Vice President at Focus on the Family, I did a radio broadcast with Dr. James Dobson about “Snowflake Babies.” These were the unborn, frozen embryos that were left over from couples utilizing artificial reproductive technologies. I’ve just received some amazing feedback on how the first three “Snowflakes” are doing as they enter adulthood:

The debate at the time was whether to “kill” these unborn humans and use them for stem-cell research or to dispose of them or to allow other couples to “adopt” the embryos, implant them into wives wanting children, and allow them to survive and thrive.

The mother of the very first “Snowflake Baby” recently wrote us about her now-nearly-twenty-year-old daughter, Hannah, and the next two “Snowflakes,” twins, that followed to another couple:

HI Walt and Barb,

Have to share! The picture below is of Snowflakes #2 and #3 … Mark and Luke. Luke just graduated from boot camp yesterday in San Diego and is now a Marine serving our country … Mark is off to college.

Hannah has aspirations of becoming a social worker to help children find forever homes.  As I sit here … in tears … thinking “what if these young adults had never been!” Wonder if they had been used for stem cell research instead …

There are more of the Snowflake children behind these three; soon to take their place in the world. All I can say is, “To God be the Glory!”

Walt, I remember you and Dr. Dobson chatting about the “Little Snowflake Program” on a (Focus on the Family) broadcast years ago. And you talking about “Mr. Borden holding up the Borden twins and imploring a congressman, ‘Which would you choose (for stem cell research)?’”

They were nine months old then and Hannah was 2 1/2 years old.  Well … those congressmen should see those Borden twins and Hannah and others now! 

So there you have it … those three little babies who were a witness to life before Congress years ago … are now pursuing careers serving our country and helping others! I wish those congressmen could see them now!

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