Increase in US autism diagnoses attributed to reclassification, not vaccines

Or, as one research group is now saying, this new study is the “first direct evidence that autism is not actually rising — just the diagnosis of ASD and autism.The NBC News website reports that a study published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics indicates that more youngsters “are being diagnosed with autism not because something catastrophic has happened to US children, but rather because they’re simply being classified and diagnosed differently.”

Researchers posit that “97 percent of the increase in autism seen between 2000 and 2010 is simply accounted for by reclassification — at least among older kids.”

The study authors concluded that “overall, two-thirds of the increase could be due to reclassification.”

AFP (7/23) reports that investigators arrived at this conclusion after analyzing “11 years of special-education enrollment data on an average of 6.2 million children per year.”

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