First FAA-approved delivery drone makes drop-offs of prescription medications in Appalachian Virginia

The CBS Evening News reported on the “Kitty Hawk moment” in drone deliveries, made by “a medical drone” in Virginia that “brought multiple shipments of prescription drugs … to about a dozen patients” in the Appalachian region. This being “one of the first Federally approved deliveries by drone,” the deliveries are proof of “what’s possible and the future of the plan is to deliver medicine and medical supplies right to a remote patient’s front door.”

NBC News reported from its website that the UAV delivered “medical supplies to a health clinic in rural southwest Virginia” in Wise County. Startup Flirtey made the deliveries after a NASA aircraft brought the medications to the county’s regional airport. NBC News also reported online with video of the delivery.

USA Today reported online that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said this was the “Kitty Hawk moment” in an industry that will “revolutionize the way we deliver health care.”

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