Consumer Reports no longer recommends detergent pods due to poisoning risk

ABC World News reported that Consumer Reports indicated that it can “no longer recommend using” liquid “laundry detergent pods,” as the products have been linked to thousands of poisonings.

The NPR “Shots” blog reports that through last month, more than 6,000 “incidents involving pods and kids younger than 6 have been reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers.”

These “exposures … include ingestion, inhalation and contact with eyes and skin.”

Should these “incidents continue to be reported at the current pace, they’ll exceed the 11,714 that were registered by the poison control centers” last year.

The Washington Post “To Your Health” blog reports, however, that Consumer Reports “said its position on laundry detergent pods do not apply to those that contain powder because injuries with them are less frequent and less severe.”

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