Pepsi to remove aspartame from diet soda

ABC World News reported that “Diet Pepsi is removing the artificial sweetener aspartame from their diet soda after customer complaints.” The company will replace “it with other artificial sweeteners, including Splenda. The new version hits shelves this summer.”

NBC Nightly News reported that Pepsi’s decision was in response to “falling sales of diet soda and concern from consumers.”

The company, together with CocaCola, “blame the declines on public perception that aspartame” is unsafe. The FDA, however, “says more than 100 studies show aspartame is safe.”

Bloomberg News reported that the FDA has said of the sweetener, “Aspartame is one of the most exhaustively studied substances in the human food supply” and agency “scientists have reviewed scientific data regarding the safety of aspartame in food and concluded that it is safe for the general population under certain conditions.”

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