An Amazing Thanksgiving Proclamation — by the President of the United States of America

General Health, Mental Health, Spiritual Health
What a surprise it is, to those of us with modern sensitivities, to read this amazing Thanksgiving proclamation—especially since it was released by the President of the United States of America. I've reformatted it a bit, just to make it easier to read (no changes in the words, however). See if you don't agree that it is a wonderful prayer and blessing: (more…)
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Mentored by a Milker of Cows

Family Newsletter, Mental Health, Spiritual Health
Long-time readers know of my fondness and appreciation for Bill Judge, a retired dairyman in Kissimmee, Florida, who has been my mentor and coach since the mid-1980's. Now that my father has passed, Bill has become my second dad. In a 2010 blog, "Mentored by a Milker of Cows," I told you the story about Bill's loving mentoring of me. Now this story is being retold by Significant Living magazine: (more…)
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A Christmas Story – Part 1

General Health, Spiritual Health
My most popular books, at least based upon sales and letters, are the Bryson City series. In the second book in this series, Bryson City Seasons, I wrote about an encounter with a patient on Christmas 1982 in Bryson City, North Carolina. This week I’ll be excerpting the story for you and hope it will be a Christmas blessing for you and yours: (more…)
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Patients are asking me how to manage their diabetes during fasting

Nutritional Health, Spiritual Health
I have the privilege of being the Medical Director at the Mission Medical Clinic, a Christian clinic for the working poor in Colorado Springs. Because we care for our patients' physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and because so many of our patients are diabetic, the question of how to fast when one is a diabetic comes up all the time. In addition, our patients need to fast before some lab tests or procedures. (more…)
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