7 Things Teenage Boys Most Need

Being the parent of an adolescent boy is legendary for its difficulty. But according to one priest, who acts as a spiritual director for high school boys, just keeping in mind seven points can make for a better relationship with adolescent sons.

As reported by Life News, Father Michael Sliney suggests the following seven necessities for parents of adolescent boys:

  1. Clear guidelines with reasonable consequences from a unified front; cutting slack but also holding boys accountable for their actions.
  2. Reasonable explanations for the criteria, guidelines and decisions made by parents.
  3. Avoiding hyper-analysis of boys’ emotions and states of mind: avoiding “taking their temperature” too often.
  4. Unconditional love with an emphasis on character and effort more than outcome: Encourage boys to live up to their potential while having reasonable expectations. To love them regardless of whether they make it into Harvard or become a star quarterback.
  5. Authenticity, faith and fidelity should be reflected in parent’s lifestyles.
  6. Qualities of a dad: Manliness, temperance, making significant time for family, putting aside work, and being a reliable source of guidance.
  7. Qualities of a mom: Emotional stability, selflessness, loving service and extreme patience.

I appreciate the good priest’s wise advice for parents and recommend you read the interview with Father Sliney that takes a deeper look at these seven points here.

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