Thursday Ask Dr. Walt – Dangerous weight-loss supplements

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Thursday Ask Dr. Walt – Dangerous weight-loss supplements

Dear Dr. Walt, on your blog two weeks ago, you mentioned that weight-loss supplements could cause harm. Like what? — Interested in Indiana

Dear Concerned,

The NIH Office of Dietary Supplements warns that dietary supplements “are expensive, some can interact or interfere with medications, and a few might be harmful.”

Harvard experts write:

Dietary supplements sold for weight loss … have been shown to be ineffective and pose serious health risks to consumers due to contamination with banned substances, prescription pharmaceuticals, and other dangerous chemicals.” They add, “In fact, FDA [Food and Drug Administration] has issued special warnings to consumers regarding supplements sold for weight loss . . . as being more likely than other supplements to be deceptively marketed and tainted with toxic ingredients.

FDA regulators explain:

Know this: most so-called ‘miracle’ weight loss supplements don’t live up to their claims. Worse, they can cause serious harm.  The FDA has discovered myriad dietary supplements that contain hidden active ingredients such as prescription drugs, unsafe ingredients, or compounds that have not been adequately studied in humans.

The FDA adds:

Enforcement actions and consumer advisories for tainted products only cover a small fraction of the tainted over-the-counter products on the market. . . . These deceptive products are increasingly becoming a problem in products promoted for weight loss.

So, what actually works for weight loss? Tune in next Thursday and consider picking up a copy of my book, The Natural Medicines Handbook: The Truth about the Most Effective Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements for Common Conditions.


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