Exercise boosts brain function in kids with obesity

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October 25, 2022
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Exercise boosts brain function in kids with obesity

A 109-person study published in JAMA Network Open suggests that a sustained regimen of resistance and aerobic exercise may improve academics, intelligence, and multitasking ability in children with obesity.

Medscape reports:

In recent years, schools cut back on arts and physical education to make way for more instructional time. All that work and no play may be making Jack and Jill, well, dull. But new research shows that exercise can make the brain sharper.

The study demonstrated that a prolonged regimen of aerobic and resistance exercises improved multi-tasking skills, academics, and overall intelligence.

“We have compelling evidence that exercise would improve the performance of these kids,” Francisco B. Ortega, PhD, professor of sports medicine at the University of Granada in Spain, said.

“Intelligence has been traditionally seen as something people have or they don’t, but we have shown that it is something modifiable, malleable by exercise, at least in this sensitive period of life when brain structure and function is still developing.”

The researchers said they conducted the study because previous work has shown that obesity is associated with reductions in cognitive function and may affect brain development.

Read more at Medscape here (9/19)

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