Saturday Book Report – “At First Light” featured in national podcast

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June 24, 2022
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June 26, 2022
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Saturday Book Report – “At First Light” featured in national podcast

I was delighted to join Mike Chupp, MD, the CEO of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA), to talk about my dad and his amazing heroics in WWII that are revealed in my latest book, At First Light: A True World War II Story of a Hero, His Bravery, and an Amazing Horse.

By the way, I’m delighted that the book has received 100% 5-star reviews on Amazon (37 reviews), Barnes & Noble (18 reviews), GoodReads (19 reviews), Walmart (13 reviews), and Target (14 reviews).

And, the book has been nominated for several awards:

  • Military Writers Society of America Award — Finalists are to be announced on 7/15/22. Awards announced 8/27/22.
  • International Page Turner Award — Nominated in 5 award categories: (1) non-fiction, (2) audiobook, (3) cover, (4) co-authored, and (5) golden (authors over 60). Awards are to be announced in September 2022.
  • Society for Military History Distinguished Book Awards — Nominated in the “Biography and Memoirs” category. Award selections by 1/30/23. Awards presented in San Diego, 3/23-26/23.

During the podcast, I had the privilege to share portions of the emotional tale of Phil Larimore, my dad, and his journey from Memphis, Tennessee, to the beaches of Italy, across France, and finally to Germany where dad lost his leg during the final stages of World War II.

You’ll also hear a bit about how he helped save the world-famous Lipizzaners and how he heroically fought for military officers who were amputees to be able to stay in service to their country.

To listen to the podcast, go to the CMDA Matters website, and then look for the May 19, 2022 recording. Here’s a link to the video version.

Let me know what you think.


To Order or Learn More about “At First Light” click here

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