Could Your Toothpaste Actually Cause Tooth Stains ?

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Could Your Toothpaste Actually Cause Tooth Stains ?

My friends at say, “A common ingredient in toothpaste does cause tooth staining.” is one of my favorite evidence-based subscription websites, particularly for natural medicines and alternative therapies.

About toothpaste that stains, they write:

Be aware that the stannous fluoride used to reduce tooth sensitivity may cause tooth staining due to its stannous (i.e., tin) ion.

Tin ions react with saliva in the mouth to form insoluble compounds that settle onto the dentin (the middle layer of the tooth just beneath the enamel) and block stimuli from reaching exposed dentin tubules (Creeth, BMC Oral Health 2019).

Unfortunately, tin can also react with (oxidize) teeth, causing staining, although the risk appears to vary from person to person.

Evidence from an in vitro study found that stannous fluoride toothpaste stabilized with zinc phosphate (Colgate Total) may be less likely to cause staining than stannous fluoride toothpaste stabilized with stannous chloride (Crest Pro-Health Whitening Power) (Li, JADA 2019).

These stabilizing ingredients are listed in the “Inactive Ingredients” section of toothpaste labels.

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