American Heart Association updates guidance for improving your diet and heart health

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December 15, 2021
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December 17, 2021
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American Heart Association updates guidance for improving your diet and heart health

Healio reports, “The American Heart Association has published an updated dietary guidance that outlines 10 recommendations for improving diet quality and cardiometabolic health in the U.S.”

The new guidance, published in the journal Circulation, “encourages consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean and high-fiber protein, and liquid non-tropical plant oils.” The AHA also strongly discourages the consumption of ultra-processed foods, red meat, added sugars, and high amounts of salt.” Here are the AHA’s Updated Recommendations to improve cardiometabolic health:
  1. Balance food and calorie intake with physical activity.
  2. Choose a variety and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables rather than relying on supplements for adequate nutrition.
  3. Choose whole-grain foods and foods made up mostly of whole grains.
  4. Include healthy sources of lean and/or high-fiber protein such as plant proteins, seafood, low fat or non-fat dairy and lean meat and limit intake of red and processed meat.
  5. Use liquid non-tropical plant oils such as olive or sunflower oils.
  6. Choose minimally processed foods instead of ultra-processed foods.
  7. Reduce intake of foods and beverages with added sugars.
  8. Choose or prepare foods with little or no salt.
  9. Limit alcohol consumption.
  10. Apply this guidance no matter where food is prepared or consumed.

As you look through these common-sense guidelines, here are my better health tips on how to apply them:

  • List the ones that you are not currently doing.
  • Then list them in order from the one that would be the easiest to do or improve to the one that would be the hardest.
  • Then begin with the top of the list and slowly work down the list.
  • Celebrate your accomplishment as you achieve each healthy recommendation.

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