What supplements help prevent or treat Alzheimer’s or dementia?

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What supplements help prevent or treat Alzheimer’s or dementia?

ConsumerLab.com warns that some proprietary formulas made up of several dietary supplements may promise more of a benefit than clinical evidence suggests.

The FDA has warned that most supplements promoted to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are marketed with unproven claims and are, in the words of the FDA, “selling false hope.”

The FDA has also advised consumers to avoid supplements promoted to prevent or treat traumatic brain injuries.

In addition, vinpocetine, an ingredient in some brain health and memory supplements, may cause fetal harm or miscarriage, and should not be taken by women who are pregnant or who could become pregnant.

Some of these supplements can also inhibit blood platelets from forming clots and could dangerously interact with other blood-thinning supplements like garlic, ginkgo, high-dose vitamin E, and blood-thinning drugs such as Plavix, Ticlid, or Coumadin.

ConsumerLab.com also warns consumers to be aware that some supplements promoted for memory and cognition contain drugs not approved by the FDA and not permitted to be sold as dietary supplement ingredients.

I’ve trusted the expert advice at ConsumerLab.com for over two decades and agree with their conclusions and warnings.

Furthermore, I don’t recommend you take a dietary supplement without first consulting with ConsumerLab.com, along with your family physician or pharmacist. More details are available at DrWalt.com.

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