Monthly Family Update – October 2021

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October 1, 2021
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October 4, 2021
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Monthly Family Update – October 2021

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  • New Episodes of “Ask Dr. Walt” Available at Liftable TV
  • Two New Television Shows feature Dr. Walt (“A Daily Apple” & “The Inside Story”)
  • More Endorsements, A New Title, and a New Cover for my WWII Book, At First Light
  • Ask Dr. Walt” inToday’s Christian Living

1) New Episodes of “Ask Dr. Walt” Available on Liftable TV 

My new TV show, “Ask Dr. Walt,” which launched on May 1 on a new streaming platform, LiftableTV, can be found here. You can see the show trailer here. Here are shows that have been released this last month:

  • Episode #16 – 9-6-21 – Be Your Own Health Care Quarterback
  • Episode #17 – 9-13-21 – Team Up with Winning Healthcare Professionals
  • Episode #18 – 9-20-21 – Brain Health Part 1
  • Episode #19 – 9-27-21 – Brain Health Part 2

You can sign up for a free trial subscription to the network here. Just click on the “Start Watching for Free” button.

2) Two New Television Shows

I guess the folks at Liftable TV are getting good feedback about my weekly “Ask Dr. Walt” show because they’ve asked me to begin taping two new shows.

The first, “The Daily Apple: Medical News You Can Use” will be a daily two-minute feature about recent health studies or advances. That daily feature is scheduled to begin on Liftable TV on Monday, October 11.

The second, “The Inside Story: Conversations on the Heart and Art of Writing” will be a weekly show in which I interview best-selling Christian authors along with the occasional agent or publisher. My first interviews are set to tape today (October 2) and will include Jerry B. Jenkins, Debbie Macomber, Alex Field, and Patricia Raybon. Next month’s taping is slated to include Lee Strobel, Steve Arteburn, Tara McClary Reeves, and Jennifer Rothschild. This series is going to be a ton of fun and will be very similar to Bravo’s “Inside the Writer’s Studio.”

3) More Endorsements, A New Title, and a New Cover for my WWII Book, At First Light

It’s not scheduled for release until April 2022, but At First Light: A True World War II Story of a Hero, His Bravery, and an Amazing Horse, my book about my dad and his amazing exploits on the “forgotten” Southern Front in Europe during WWII, continues to receive very encouraging “advanced praise” from reviewers. Here are a few more of the most recent endorsements:

“As a graduate of West Point, an Army officer for five years, and the head men’s basketball coach at my alma mater and at Duke for the past 46 seasons, I’ve been blessed to be a part of great teams. I recognize the commitment and discipline required to win at the highest level. These experiences leave me in awe of Phil Larimore and his servant leadership, sensational suffering, and stoic sacrifice. What a fantastic story about a leader whose courage on the battlefield deserves a standing ovation. I highly recommend At First Light.”

Mike Krzyzewski, “Coach K,” Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Duke University and Naismith Hall of Fame member 

“As the author of fifteen novels set in World War II, I’m always drawn to a great story from a fascinating time in history. At First Light does not disappoint. The pages turned quickly in this compelling story about a brave man, Philip Larimore.”

Tricia Goyer, author of Dawn of a Thousand Nights and Songbird Under a German Moon

Also, the publisher, Knox Press, has updated the title and the cover. Note that they put part of General David Petraeus’ endorsement on the cover.

4) “Ask Dr. Walt” in Today’s Christian Living

I enjoy being able to answer questions from the readers of Today’s Christian Living magazine in my “Ask Dr. Walt” column. Here are my Q&As from the September 2021 issue. I hope you’ll consider getting a subscription:

  • Dangers of Being Overweight or Obese
    • Dear Dr. Walt, is being overweight or obese really dangerous? My family doctor seems to think so, but I read conflicting opinions. Some say you can be fit and overweight. I’d like to believe that’s true! — Carrying Too Much Weight in Wyoming
  • Weight-Loss Supplements
    • Dear Dr. Walt, it seems that there are countless weight loss supplements advertised. What works? — Needing to Lose Weight in Nebraska
  • What’s the Harm from Weight-Loss Supplements?
    • Dear Dr. Walt, on your new TV show, “Ask Dr. Walt” (TV/DoctorWalt), you mentioned weight-loss supplements could cause harm. Like what? — Interested in Indiana
  • What Works for Weight-Loss?
    • Dear Dr. Walt, I’ve read in your blog ( that you do not recommend weight-loss supplements. What do you recommend? — Advice Sought in Arkansas

5) Answers to Last Month’s Prayers

  • September 13, the production crew from LiftableTV will again be at our home for another all-day videotaping session of another four shows for my “Ask Dr. Walt” TV shows. You can learn more about LiftableTV and sign up to see the show here.
  • September 10-11, I attended the International Board Meeting of Morning Star Development, an NGO that ministers in Afghanistan and to Afghani refugees in many countries. Of course, with the U.S. pullout from the country and the increasing impact of the Taliban, our discussions were very intense. Your prayers for wisdom were answered, I believe, and much appreciated.
  • September 23-28, our trip to minister in Cody, Wyoming, and then take a few days to enjoy Yellowstone National Park were canceled due to the surging pandemic of COVID among the unvaccinated in Wyoming. Our hosts are hoping to reschedule us sometime next year.

6) Prayer Requests for Upcoming Events

  • October 1-2, the production crew from LiftableTV will be at our home for a two-day videotaping session of eight episodes of “Ask Dr. Walt,” eight episodes of “The Inside Story,” and 45 “Daily Apple” shows. Whew! We’ll be busy!! Pray my voice holds up!!!
  • October 21-26, Barb and I will be on Pensacola Beach for some R&R

7) Past Issues of our family newsletter

September 2021

  • New Episodes of “Ask Dr. Walt” Available on Liftable TV
  • The Copyediting is done on my WWII Book, At First Light

August 2021

  • New TV Episodes of “Ask Dr. Walt” Available on Liftable TV
  • “Ask Dr. Walt” inToday’s Christian Living
  • More Endorsements for my WWII Book

 July 2021

  • Four New TV Episodes of “Ask Dr. Walt” Available
  • “Ask Dr. Walt” in Today’s Christian Living
  • More Endorsements for my WWII Book
  • First Draft of the Cover for At First Light

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