Treating fever in children

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Treating fever in children

As the cough and cold season begins, parents always ask about treating fever in kids. Here’s the latest from the experts at Prescriber’s Letter. Call your child’s doctor immediately if your febrile child is younger than 3 months, has a temp over 104°F, or is not drinking or urinating.

Otherwise, experts now say that a fever is a sign the immune system is working, and treatment isn’t usually necessary.

Remember the mantra, “treat your child, not the number.”

If your child is uncomfortable, start with non-drug measures such as giving plenty of fluids and dressing them in lightweight clothing.

If you use a medication, either acetaminophen or ibuprofen works but ibuprofen may last longer.

Always dose by weight and not age.

For liquid meds, use the measuring device that comes with the product and not a household teaspoon.

Always ask your pharmacist for help if needed.

Doctors used to recommend alternating acetaminophen with ibuprofen, but that is no longer recommended as it hasn’t been shown to further reduce discomfort and could lead to confusion and errors.

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