Disturbing overlap between long-haul COVID and Alzheimer’s

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August 14, 2021
Disturbing overlap between long-haul COVID and Alzheimer’s
August 17, 2021
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Disturbing overlap between long-haul COVID and Alzheimer’s

The findings from multiple studies made public at an Alzheimer’s Association International Conference suggest some worrisome overlaps between long-haul COVID and Alzheimer’s disease. One study of older adults in Argentina found a surprising number of dementia-like changes in memory and thinking for at least six months after a bout with the coronavirus regardless of the severity of the infection.
New York researchers took a different approach, testing the blood of more than 300 adults hospitalized for COVID.
About half experienced new neurologic symptoms such as confusion as part of their coronavirus infection, and the study found a jump in their blood levels of proteins linked to inflammation of the nervous system, brain cell injury and Alzheimer’s disease.
The investigators are concerned about the possibility that lingering brain symptoms from COVID might lead to dementia years or decades later.
The best prevention?
Be sure you and your eligible loved ones are vaccinated against COVID.

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