Do African mango supplements help with weight loss?

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February 10, 2012
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Do African mango supplements help with weight loss?

African mango supplements are touted to help shed pounds, but do they really work?
“Long-term weight loss with African mango has not been proven,” said says Tod Cooperman, M.D., President of which evaluated the claims and science for African mango.
“The evidence for weight loss with African mango, so far, is only from short-term studies conducted by one group of researchers financed by the product’s manufacturer,” Dr. Cooperman added.
In its report about African mango supplements, reviews the evidence, describes the specific extracts of African mango seed used in studies, and notes potential side effects of African mango.
African mango seed extracts have not yet been characterized well enough for to test and approve any product.
However, points out that a variety of African mango extracts are currently sold, including many from suppliers in China.
Consumers should check a product’s label to determine if it contains an extract like similar to what has been clinically tested.
The Review Article: African Mango (Seed Extract) Supplements for Weight Loss is now available to members. is a leading provider of consumer information and independent evaluations of products that affect health and nutrition. The company is privately held and based in Westchester County, New York. It has no ownership from, or interest in, companies that manufacture, distribute, or sell consumer products.

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