Larimore Family Newsletter – January 2011

Study links excessive texting among teens to alcohol, sex, and drugs
December 29, 2010
National Cancer Institute Should Tell Women of Abortion-Breast Cancer Link
January 3, 2011
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Larimore Family Newsletter – January 2011

Here are the contents of our Family Newsletter:

  • Family Update
  • Broadcast Update
  • FamilyTalk Programs on Immunizations to air this month
  • Publication Update
  • Lintball Leo keeps on going – and, now on SALE!
  • The Influenza Bomb keeps getting nice reviews
  • A New Review for His Brain, Her Brain
  • Events of the last month
  • Upcoming Events

Family Update
It’s New Year’s Day, and we’re planning to watch the Rose Bowl Parade, the HGTV Dream Home Special, and some football. This evening, like last night, will be enjoying food and friends in front of a crackling fire – which is appropriate, as we’ve just had our first major snowfall. It’s f-f-f-freezing outside today!
We’ve had a wonderful month at home and I’ve so enjoyed being able to work on two writing projects: (1) my first solo novel, Hazel Creek, and (2) Guy Talk: A physician answers your not-so-stupid questions about your body, which is a book for guys going through puberty. #1 is due to the publisher on March 1, while #2 is due February 1.
We aren’t yet psychologically ready to get back on the road, but we are thankful for the many upcoming opportunities we’ll have this year to speak and minister together.
I pray all of us will have a New Year that is both blessed and a blessing. And, I pray that our Lord will bear much fruit in and through each of us.
Happy New Year, everyone!!!
Broadcast Update
FamilyTalk Programs on Immunizations to air this month
The programs I recorded with Dr. James Dobson on immunizations will air on Wednesday and Thursday, January 26-27, 2011. You can find a list of local stations, as well as stream or download the program, at the FamilyTalk Web site here.
Publishing Update
Lintball Leo keeps on going – and, now on SALE!
Lintball Leo’s Not-So-Stupid Questions About Your Body, my book for 9-12 year old boys about heading toward and through puberty continues to be a hit with parents and their boys. Now eight years in print, it has just gone into its 13th printing, for which I’m very grateful. By the way, if you’d like a signed, personalized copy for a boy, or group of boys, you know, just let me know. If you order them here, you can get them for $3.99 (retail is $7.99).
The Influenza Bomb keeps getting nice reviews
My second novel in the TSI (Time Scene Investigators) series, The Influenza Bomb, just received a nice review from BookAddict for which I’m grateful.
Another great suspense novel, the 2nd in the Time Scene Investigators series. When a violent flu starts spreading in Siberia, the team discovers it is a much worse version of the 1918 Spanish flu. They begin to suspect that the flu was started deliberately by a radical terrorist group. The story unfolds with flashbacks to earlier dates and a plot by the Nazis during World War II to start a pandemic of the flu. This was another great read! Looking forward to the next one!
If you’d like a copy, autographed by both authors, click here.
A New Review for His Brain, Her Brain
I’ve recently read the book His Brain, Her Brain written by Walt Larimore, MD and Barb Larimore, a husband and wife team.  This book explains and describes how the divinely designed differences between men and women (physically, biologically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally) can strengthen a marriage.  While there is something to disagree with in every book -because authors aren’t perfect- (except the Bible), I recommend this book for all couples (while my dear husband didn’t actually read this book, he did flick through it, and I read sections of it to him), but most especially for couples who are newly married or who are struggling with their marriage or struggling with the differences between themselves and their spouse.
This isn’t one of those sparkly, sugary self-help books … The author, Walt, is a doctor who as done research into the biological differences between males and females, and they have done thorough research into husbands and wives, males and females from a Biblical perspective, and put it all together to make a book that really clicks and makes sense in a real way, from a godly perspective.
Events of the last month

  • Dec 2-5, Barb and I will flew to Asheville, NC, where I addressed the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians. We had a lovely stay at the historic Grove Park Inn and a wonderful evening candlelight tour of the Biltmore House. A highlight was viewing the amazing entrants to the National Gingerbread House Contest and, of course, overdue and heartwarming visits with several old friends, including Rick Pyertiz, MD, with whom I practiced in Bryson City, NC, from 1981-1985, and his wife, Linda.
  • Dec 9-14, Barb and I were in Baton Rouge at a family reunion with Barb’s side of the family. It was a great visit with family and friends. Then, Barb flew home.
  • Dec 14-16, I spent Tuesday night with dear friends (Lee and Bonnie Happel – Lee was one of my medical school professors) in New Orleans and then flew to Charlotte, NC, on Wednesday. Thursday morning I was at Joe Gibbs Racing where we filmed a small-group study for his book, Gameplan for Life. I wrote the health chapter for Joe’s book. The afternoon of the 16th, I flew to Atlanta.
  • Dec 16-17, Thursday afternoon and evening was with son, Scott, daughter-in-love, Jennifer, and grandchildren, Anna Kate and Sarah Elisabeth. Even though I was suffering with bronchitis and a stomach bug, how I enjoyed every minute with them. Friday, I attended a day-long meeting with folks from the CDC and then flew home that evening.
  • For the rest of December, we were at home, resting and writing. I’m still working on the Hazel Creek novel and Guy Talk for teen boys.
  • We had a wonderful Christmas weekend with Kate and hope your Christmas was love- and family-filled.

Upcoming Events

  • Jan 6, we’ll celebrate Barb’s birthday (she’s quit counting, but still looks like she’s somewhere south of 39!)
  • Jan 7-9, we’ll be in Tulsa at the Winter Retreat of In His Image Family Medicine Residency Program. We’re always blessed when we’re there.
  • Jan 22-29, we’ll be in Equator ministering through HCJB Global at a conference for health professionals. I’m looking forward to sharing with the attendees, coming from all over South America, the principles of incorporating one’s Christian faith into medical practice.

Past Issues

You can get more information on many of my upcoming events here

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