The Blessing of Anastasha – Part 12

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September 19, 2010
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September 22, 2010
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The Blessing of Anastasha – Part 12

Little Anastasha, whose life we’ve been following for the last 12 weeks, is now about 214 days old, despite her terminal diagnosis of anencephaly. She continues to grow and prosper in her mom’s womb, and she continues to bless her parents, her siblings, her family, and all of who are able to follow her journey and pray for she and her family.
And, she continues to bless her parents, her siblings, her family, and all of who are able to follow her journey and pray for she and her family. Her daddy, Dr. Craig DeLisi, has sent out a brief update this week. But, it’s a powerful one:

This is a song that our kids have fallen in love with. For a kids’ worship song, it is saturated with truth about God. So many of the truths about Him that we have been teaching them as reflected in this song. It talks about his goodness, especially in life’s trials.

Sovereign One

Zach Jones (Sovereing Grace Ministries)

When I’m all alone and afraid, I will trust in You.

For You watch over my ways when things in my life don’t make sense.

I will trust in You, for You are good, You are good.

Sovereign One, you work all things to Your plan.

Sovereign One, you hold all things in Your hands when I don’t get to have my own way.

I will trust in You for You know what is best … When tears begin to roll down my face, I will trust in You

For You are good … You are good … Perfect in power … You control all things

Perfect in wisdom, You know everything.

Perfect in goodness. Jesus, You’re so good to me. So good to me.

Here’s the entire series of amazing stories:


  1. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward says:

    Dear Craig – yesterday was Yom Kippur, the most holy day in the Jewish calendar. I spent a good deal of time during services thinking about you and your family, praying for peace and healing through the gifts Anastasha has offered and will continue to offer to all of you. I also spent time psychically begging forgiveness from you for not having provided good follow up on the organ donation issue.
    Here’s what I’ve learned so far…Unfortunately, organ donation as such is not a possibility. The reasons are a little complex, but basically boil down to it being difficult to determine the time of true death, and not wanting to do anything to hasten it (a stance you and I both appreciate). That being said, there may be opportunities to donate skin or bone after Anastasha passes from this life to the next. I have been attempting to reach the person who coordinates this in your neck of the woods, but have not yet managed to reach him. I will keep trying unless I hear from you otherwise.
    I love this song, although I’d probably substitute something like “All knowing God” for Jesus, but the message is equally valid for almost any faith, don’t you think?
    In peace, Elizabeth

  2. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward says:

    Dear Craig – Good news: I was able to get in touch with the right person in Texas, and there are some really good possibilities for you all to donate tissue that will benefit other babies with life-threatening conditions. I’m going to send you a separate e-mail connecting you with the relevant person, since I don’t think it’s right to post his name and contact info here. He’s very eager to be helpful to your family.
    Nothing will truly take away the pain of losing Anastasha so early in her precious life, but perhaps if it does work out to donate tissue, knowing it might spare other parents as much pain, there might be some bit of comfort for your family.
    Warmly, Elizabeth

  3. Dr. Walt says:

    Elizabeth, thanks so much for taking the time and effort to help the DeLisis (is that the proper plural for DeLisi?). Anyway, your sensitivity to this precious family and their unborn baby are inspiring to me. You embody all of what makes a great family physician and I’m grateful to be your friend.

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