Homeopathic Cobra Venom for Pain? Watch out!

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June 30, 2010
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June 30, 2010
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Homeopathic Cobra Venom for Pain? Watch out!

According to the experts at the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, Cobroxin and Nyloxin are new homeopathic products used for chronic pain. They come as an oral spray and topical gel.
The bad news is that these products contain a “5X homeopathic dilution” of cobra venom. This means that they contain a concentration of about 0.001% cobra venom.
As I discuss in my chapter on “Homeopathy,” in my best-selling book, Alternative Medicine: The Christian Handbook, although virtually all homeopathic products contain no detectable active ingredient (no even a single molecule), these two chronic pain products contain a small amount that could potentially have some effect.
Preliminary research has evaluated cobra toxin given as an injection. But there is no reliable evidence about this homeopathic dose when taken orally or applied topically.
The NMCD advises healthcare professionals, “Until more is known about safety and effectiveness, advise patients not to take these products.”


  1. Carol says:

    While I agree that a 5x cobra venom may have some uses, there are homeopathics the are higher potencies of 32x & greater (more diluted) that are past the “Avagadro Limit” which is the point at which no more of the original substance is found in the substrate. BTW, this is true of any homeopathic med.
    Anyone familiar with snake remedies knows that they are not to be overtaken, regardless of the potency, and that these remedies, in fact ANY remedies, should be taken with a knowledge of what one is taking, or under the direction of someone who is familiar with homeopathy & the remedies they are taking.
    Most of us know that aspirin and Motrin is for fevers, but can cause internal bleeding if overused. Tylenol, also for fever, can cause permanent liver failure if misused. Multi-symptom products have a higher chance of adverse reactions & interactions, as well as more restrictions for those with existing health problems, unfortunately often ignored & taken too lightly.
    We hear the term, “venom” & it brings up visions of a skull & crossbones. A good thing for any medications, or even some things that pass for “food” these days. Thus we proceed cautiously – as cautiously as we ought to with ANY medication & sadly, in this day & age, even “food”.
    Motrin & Tylenol have both had products under those names recalled again & again, including at least one recall this year, several last year & on & on. It would seem those working with snake venom of any type would be very careful with quality control in the mainstream companies of homeopathy. These remedies are VERY useful when used properly, so no need to “Watch Out” any more than with foods we buy, other OTC medications and so on.
    Perhaps people will learn to simply be educated on what they put in (& on) their bodies overall.
    Snake venom remedies are well documented and are very effective. Sadhana Thakkar, BHMS(Ind), CCH is a homeopathic medical graduate from University of Bombay, India, Sadhana is a certified practitioner of Classical Homeopathy in North America and an honorary member of the California Homeopathic Medical Society in the US.
    Sadhana’s teaching experience includes training practitioners of all levels in various parts of the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Egypt, India and at various conferences.
    She is an author & I’ve seen her at conferences, and would consider her to be THE world authority on snake remedies. She trains doctors, nurses & others willing to learn the science of homeopathy. I have no idea how many have attended her conferences she spoken at, or have undergone her training, yet the conferences I have attended where she has spoken in California have been well-attended by mostly healthcare professionals. I’d suggest this author, and anyone putting ANY medications into their bodies, to become educated on what they are putting into their bodies & to become educated before condemning or condoning any medicines (or food or even topical products for that matter, as our skin, while acting as a barrier of sorts, does need to “breathe” & thus has openings where products may enter, depending on the properties of that product.) Certain “Transderm” products are made to facilitate the transport of certain medications through the skin, much like nicotine products, transdermal vaccines, pain medications & other products. Other products applied to the skin, but not designed to be absorbed may also pass through the skin, some more easily than others.
    Pesticides are an example of a type of product that can easily go through the skin, entering the blood stream, fat tissues & while not intentionally put on the skin usually, there are “accidents” every year in the spring where people buy these products, use them improperly & create a medical emergency.
    Often times, fresh fruits & vegetables contain pesticides that can act as hormones in the body, creating severe imbalances, crystal formation in the blood stream where these can cause havoc creating cancer cells or even emboli, causing stroke or other thrombosis.
    Creams, lotions, bug repellent, antiperspirant and many other skin care products can also either be absorbed by the skin, or sometimes worse, if used on a high percentage of the body can, on the other hand create a barrier, raising blood pressure to dangerous levels.
    Inhalants, such as some nasal sprays, can also raise BP to dangerous levels and have other adverse effects…
    So, in the grand scheme of things, a healthy respect for anything going into your body, via ANY route, is extremely important. I’m glad people have a seemingly healthy respect when the name “venom” is used, yet we have yet to stop our society from essentially self-destructing by popping pills so they can keep working, while in some other countries, one is given a vacation when it is needed to heal, all expenses paid & they have better productivity & better overall health as a result.
    They also have very good socialized medicine, so people don’t have their health to be concerned with.
    With freedom comes responsibility. We need to be free to buy whatever we want, but we also need to have accuracy in labeling.
    In homeopathy, things are generally carefully measured in laboratories, as with medication. Herbals get a bad wrap, AS SOMETIMES THERE ARE MISTAKES MADE, BUT NO MORE THAN WITH OTHER MEDICATIONS! If you are concerned about it, you can order the components yourself & make your own dilutions.
    We all need to be educated about even the food we eat & if there is to be regulation, it needs to be on labeling of ALL products & not just have herbal medication errors make the headlines, but ALL medication errors & food components MUST be properly labeled if we are to remain healthy or even safe!
    We also must take the responsibility to educate ourselves about what we partake of.

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