When does life begin?

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August 17, 2009
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When does life begin?

A fertilized human egg at the moment of conception looks like a simple, single-celled blob no bigger than a pinhead. How can anyone actually consider this invaluable human life?
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My friend, attorney Randall Niles writes, “Well, we now know that amorphous blob contains information equivalent to 6 billion ‘chemical letters’ – enough complex code to fill 1,000 books, 500 pages thick with print so small that it would take a microscope to read it.
“Through the marvel of DNA, every single human trait is established at the moment of conception. Within hours, that single cell starts reproducing and grows a cilia propulsion system to move the fertilized egg towards the uterus.
“Within six days, the original cell has reproduced its library of information over 100 times. Ultimately, that original blob of gelatin will divide into the 30 trillion cells that make up the human body.
“Wow, within four days of fertilization, the sex of the “zygote” can be determined through microscopic techniques.
“Soon after one week of fertilization, the zygote contains the beginning of all major body structures.
“Fetal circulation occurs by three weeks – complete with heart and major blood vessels coursing through its quarter-inch frame.
“Wow – Three weeks!
“And at five weeks, all basic body systems are developing, including the brain and nervous system enabling the zygote to feel pain.
“When the zygote reaches the eighth week, it’s called a “fetus” for the remainder of its development.
“The fetus at twelve weeks shows tooth buds, nail beds, and genitals.
“By thirteen to sixteen weeks, the arms and legs are complete. There’s hair on the head, the skeletal system shows up on x-ray film, and the baby has breathing movements.
“Shortly thereafter, an ultrasound reveals the baby sucking its thumb and holding its own umbilical cord in the womb.
“Yes, I’ve used the words, “amorphous blob,” “zygote,” “fetus,” and “it” to make us think …
“You see, at this point in development, some powerful organizations, backed by our U.S. court system, still refer to the baby as ‘pregnancy tissue’ – a mere appendage of the mother that can be removed for whatever reason. Have these people ever seen an ultrasound at 16 weeks?
“I used to think the abortion issue was merely a socio-political-economic-religious debate.
“Seeing my kids on early ultrasounds changed me!
“Think about it – If we can determine exactly who this child will be at four days of development – I call that the beginning of a life … Beautiful, powerful, individual life!
“Dear friends, this has little to do with personal religion, personal morality, personal politics, or personal rights … This is straight-forward biology … This is Life!”
Well said, Randall. BTW, you can see Randall on YouTube on the topic of “When Does Life Begin?
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