Dr. Walt chosen to work with Coach Joe Gibbs and his “Game Plan for Life.”

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February 12, 2009
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Dr. Walt chosen to work with Coach Joe Gibbs and his “Game Plan for Life.”

I’ve been working since last summer on a chapter that will appear in a book with three-time Super Bowl winning coach and NASCAR owner, Joe Gibbs. Some information about Joe’s book and website has been sent to me, so I wanted to pass it on. What’s below in italics is the information from Joe’s people and then my comments follow.
More Information:

What defines true success? How can you live a life of relevance? Do you want to win the most important game of your life? There are many “game plans” around; how is yours working?

As a three-time Super Bowl winning Head Coach of the Washington Redskins, owner of a three-time NASCAR championship team, and CEO of a business with 450+ employees, with primary sponsors Home Depot, FedEx, Mars Candy, Coke, and Interstate Batteries, men are interested in hearing Coach Joe Gibbs speak about success and winning.

The Game Plan for Life is the fulfillment of a long-time vision of Joe. Given his unique rise to the top of two different sports, NFL Football, and NASCAR racing, Coach Gibbs is often asked to speak and share his personal testimony with crowds. Men especially want to know what it takes to be “successful” and “relevant.”

In the spring of ‘08 Coach Gibbs commissioned a national public opinion research firm to survey men. He wanted to know what areas men were most concerned about in their lives—if they could master these areas they’d live a truly successful and relevant life. He discovered there were eleven key issues that men age 20 and older struggle with:


  • the Bible, 
  • God, 
  • creation, 
  • sin and addiction, 
  • salvation, 
  • relationships, 
  • finances, 
  • career, 
  • health, 
  • life of purpose, and 
  • heaven.

In The Game Plan for Life, Joe and his coauthors will examine God’s game plan in each of these critical arenas.

Okay, this is Dr. Walt again. 
Joe drafted a team of men to specifically address each area, focusing primarily on what the Bible says about these issues. He first called me, last summer, asking if I would write the health chapter for him. 
Joe said my view and writing about the four wheels of health (physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual) had meant a lot to him, and I said I was glad to contribute a chapter. You can read more about this topic in my books:

We have spoken a number of times, talking about the book, publishing, and reaching people with God’s game plan for blessing and health using the platform God has given Joe. Barb and I enjoyed sharing a meal with Coach Gibbs and Don Meredith when they were in Colorado Springs recently. Getting to know him has been a wonderful privilege for us.
But, no less of a privilege that working with the incredible team Joe put together for this book. 
The team ended up being some pretty well known writers and Christian scholars, including Ravi Zacharias, Chuck Colson, Josh McDowell, Ken Boa, John Lennox, Don Meredith, Ron Blue, Os Guinness, Tony Evans, and Randy Alcorn. 
On top of that, Joe got Tony Dungy to write the foreword and Jerry Jenkins to be the editor. (It’s hard to say no to Joe; he’s the real deal, a follower of Jesus who wants the world to know all about Him.)
Although the book won’t be released until this summer, be sure to check out the Game Plan for Life website for resources on all the topics the book will cover. 
The website is in process, and will be fully developed by the time the book comes out, but you can see a video talk from Joe, and check out information on the subjects and writers.

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