Team of Family Physicians in Myanmar – Report #5

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May 23, 2008
Family Physicians in Earthquake Ravaged China – Report #2
May 26, 2008
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Team of Family Physicians in Myanmar – Report #5

Here is the 5th update on the brave young team of family physicians who crossed the border from Thailand into Myanmar to serve the victims of the cyclone. This message is from the wife of the team leader:
The team has made it safely out of Burma and are in route home. Everyone is doing GREAT! The members will arrive (home) Sunday morning about 7:45 am.
Please continue to pray for the team it can take up to two weeks to recovery physically from a trip like this and longer emotionally as everyone works to sort out what they have seen and been apart of. 
I will write and let you know about the wonderful works of our Father soon. Blessings to you all for partnering with us on this wonderful opportunity.
Please  continue to pray for the people of Burma this weekend will be very important for them as the voting takes place and the world watches to see if the Junta will fallow through with their promise to let international aid into help their people.
This disaster like the one China will take years if not generations to fully recover from. Gods’ supernatural restoration, love, and support is greatly needed in this land.
Pray that laborers will go to follow up on the seed planted and pray that all the seed  planted was into fertile ground.
Continue to pray for the safety and protection of all concerned.
With much love and  gratitude …

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