Brave Young U.S. Doctors in Myanmar Send Secret Note

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May 16, 2008
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May 19, 2008
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Brave Young U.S. Doctors in Myanmar Send Secret Note

Dr. Walt has been made aware of a group of young Christian family medicine physicians and healthcare professionals from the United States who have made their way across the Thailand-Myanmar border to provide emergency medical relief for the victims of the terrible cyclone.
Here’s a note, secretly delivered to Dr. Walt from inside Myanmar:

I am writing for the team to let you know we made it in great.  

I am pretty sure this internet connection isn’t safe so I am going to be fairly vague.  

Some answers to our previous requests have been made and I don’t think a large group has ever navigated a customs check as easily as we did today. So we are immensely thankful for that.

Almost all the bags made it.  

We are short one with supplies and one personal bag so keep asking for these things to arrive. 

We spread out the good stuff so that if we lost one it wouldn’t be a big deal, which has worked out well. More important than the bags was that all the team members made it, which wasn’t so easy of a task and has some good stories involved that will be saved for another date.

A few of us jumped right in and went to a village near where we are staying and helped provide some good water.  

It was really cool to see the people getting clean drinking water.

We really aren’t sure what we are going to do tomorrow, though there are many options. Keep thinking about this for us that we would make good decisions.

Most of the team is pretty tired too after so much travel and some good sleep tonight and energy tomorrow would be great.

Many things to be thankful for that I haven’t mentioned, so we look forward to sharing it with you when we can.

Obviously, this young team is asking for our prayers. As I hear more from them, I’ll keep you posted.

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