What about COVID-19 and colloidal silver?

Long-time readers know that my “go-to” sources for natural medicines (herbs, vitamins, and supplements) are ConsumerLab.com and Natural Medicines(TM). ConsumerLab has posted about coronavirus and colloidal silver :

Colloidal silver (a solution with silver particles) has antiseptic (disinfectant) activity on surfaces and has been promoted by several companies to prevent or treat coronavirus.

However ingesting colloidal silver has NOT been shown to prevent or treat coronavirus, and there are serious potential risks

On March 9, 2020, the FDA and FTC sent joint warning letters to companies selling colloidal silver and other products to treat coronavirus.

The agencies emphasized, “There currently are no vaccines, pills, potions, lotions, lozenges or other prescription or over-the-counter products available to treat or cure coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).” 

Then, on March 12, 2020, the Missouri Attorney General announced that it sued the Jim Bakker Show for selling a fake coronavirus (COVID-19) cure called Silver Solution.

The FDA and FTC warning letter went to the Jim Bakker Show and six other sellers for selling colloidal silver as well as other products such as essential oils and teas with unsupported claims that they can prevent or treat the virus. 

The Silver Solution product costs $80 on Bakker’s show, but the product is a “fake” and “cannot cure or treat coronavirus,” according to the office of Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt. 

Of course, the most important thing you can do to avoid infection with coronavirus is to prevent exposure by following the latest recommendations of the CDC and World Health Organization and take steps to stay healthy, including getting adequate sleep, keeping up with your daily exercise, and eating a healthy nutritious diet. 

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